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Brave Women at Work


About The Show

Welcome to the Brave Women at Work podcast. Tune in and subscribe to get resources and tips along with the real-world stories and humor to empower and inspire you to take bolder and braver action in your career and life.


Your Host

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Hi – I’m Jen. 

I have always been a type-A super achiever. I was the one who got straight A’s in school and was devastated when I got a B. I was on the one who held myself to such high standards and needed to check all of the boxes in life. After I grew up, that super achieving nature followed me to my career in the corporate world. 

After 20 years in corporate, climbing the ladder from a teller to a Senior Vice President and doing “all the right things”, my health took a turn for the worse in 2019 and I ended in total burnout. After years of striving, I felt like an empty shell – without passion and direction in my career and life. 

While the time of healing that followed was so hard, it was also a gift. It made me look at myself and realize I didn’t need to be perfect. I could let myself off the hook from checking all those boxes and not try to be a super woman. I finally understood what I wanted for the first time in my life. And what I wanted was to give back to women so they could avoid the traps of striving, perfectionism and not speaking their truth.

I don’t want to just work alongside you as a fellow woman and be silent about the struggles we face day-in and day-out. I want to share my learnings and stories to help you take bolder and braver action in your career and life. 

And as a result, the Brave Women at Work podcast has been born.

I hope you find the podcast relatable and inspiring. I hope you take both small and big, brave steps as a result. That may include asking for what you want, interviewing for that promotion or setting new boundaries to protect your time and energy. Whatever it is, I hope you gain something from our time together.